The Agent Game
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The Agent Game is an upcoming board game being developed here at PapaQuark!


In The Agent Game you play as a secret agent sent to find compromising evidence against an evil multinational corporation. Get in - find the evidence and escape the building! Piece of cake right? Well, some other agents just got the exact same assignment and will use every trick in the book to make you fail.


The Agent Game is about bluffing, stealing and setting traps in order to get your hands on the evidence. In true secret agent fashion, you have to stay alert and look for clues about your oponents and what evidence they're carrying - and then steal it from them! When one agent holds all three evidence cards the game goes into escape mode where the game becomes a race to the top floor for one final courteous rooftop “mano-a-mano” combat.

We're currently testing the game using a prototype created by We're testing the game play, gathering feedback and fine tuning the rules. When we're 100% happy with the rules we're planning to initially make the game available through online store - and then possibly add other channels as we go.


Initial feedback has been great - where play sessions often end up going "just one more round" until it's far too late in the evening.


Time: 30-45 min

Age: 6-99 years

Number of players: 2-4


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