Based in Malmö/Halmstad, Sweden

Release date:
17 April, 2014

iOS - Nov 6th 2014


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Free with premium upgrade for$1


Space Forest Dilemma is a fast paced arcade puzzler were the objective is to keep blocks moving without colliding. To master a level you have to plan, time and execute each move perfectly in order not to collide. Challenge yourself even further and try to squeeze the time on each level to achieve the lowest total time. Clear level, improve time, squeeze to perfection! Each type of block has unique movement patterns that you need to learn to succeed. Space Forest Dilemma is a true test to your logic, planning and timing skills.


In the summer of 2013, during a family get together, Michael showed Andreas a prototype of a computer game he'd secretly been working on. The two quickly decided to work together with one goal in mind: to make a game and release it. The team-up was a match made in heaven. After approximately 9 months of nights and grumpy mornings, Space Forest Dilemma was released on Android in April 2014 and a bit later on iOS.


  • Unique and truly challenging - Straightforward, Minimalistic, Stimulating
  • Loads of handcrafted levels - New game mechanics unlocked as you proceed
  • Epic story - Follow Chris Crossfire in a text based space adventure unfolding as you complete level by level
  • Achievements and Leaderboards
  • Great soundtrack - PapaQuark started out as a band, so music is important to them


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie Game of the Week." SuperGameDroid.com, 25 April, 2014

Selected Articles

  • "a real delight for fans of logic puzzles"
    - Jennifer Allen, 148apps
  • "8/10"
    - David Oxford, Android Rundown
  • "The game is tough as nails, but never unfair."
    - Wesley Akkerman, Android Rundown
  • "So far, so weird."
    - Tom Woolford, GoPlayThat
  • "A beautiful new arcade puzzler that makes clever use of logic chains and timing, Space Forest Dilemma’s minimalist approach to gameplay design makes for a straightforward yet stimulating experience."
    - James Maxwell, Super Game Droid

Original Soundtrack
Available for free on soundcloud.com.

About PapaQuark

PapaQuark is a small game studio based in the south of Sweden. We make games - mostly for mobile platforms. Sometimes weird, sometimes hard, sometimes deep - but always with a lot of love.

More information
More information on PapaQuark, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Space Forest Dilemma Credits

Michael Granath
Game design, Art, Programming

Andreas Thuröe
Game design, Sound, Business

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